Zippered, long handled project or craft bag. With an inside pocket and a zippered panel on top, this bag will be great for storing your latest knitting, quilting or other craft projects. Made from adorable sheep themed fabric it has a contrasting lining in dark green or spotty green.

Padded book pouch in beautiful horse themed fabric . With a contrasting coloured lining inside, this pouch will protect your precious books when you take them with you on the go !

Long handled tote in butterfly themed fabric in shades of blue with a contrasting magenta lining . Can be made with a tab closure or a zippered panel at the top to keep the bag closed.

Padded book pouch made from beautiful peacock themed teal coloured fabric with added butterflies and flowers - a great gift for any bookwork !

Large tote/knitting bag made from eye-catching Peacock themed fabric. With a high quality lining fabric this tote can be used as a market bag, a work bag, a book bag or for holding knitting and other craft work.

Medium sized, book themed tote bags with long handles and a zippered panel on top to keep the contents secure inside. Made from a beautiful fabric with vibrant colours of rich reds and greens and gold highlights featuring well known titles by famous authors. Any book lover will love this bag !

Book pouches in beautiful library themed fabric - rich shades of reds, greens and gold highlights. 3 sizes available

Book pouch in beautiful cat and book themed fabric. Tab at the top with a magnetic fastener to keep book secure inside. Choice of various lining colours

Zippered book bag with long handles in a beautiful cat and book themed fabric. With an inside pocket in matching fabric, the zippered panel at the top will hold the bag securely closed.

Zippered, book themed tote bag with classic, modern design featuring book quotes from famous authors. Vibrant colours make this an eye-catching bag for any book lover.

Horse themed tote bag with inside pocket and magnetic fastener.

"Bach" medium sized tote bag with a zippered top panel to hold the contents secure inside. Featuring stunning pictures of a harp or violin this high quality fabric has authentic quotes of music by composers such as Bach, Rachmaninov, Berlioz and Shostakovich. An original and unique gift for any music lover.

Harp themed,long handled tote bag featuring beautiful, specially commissioned artwork. Great gift for any harpist or any music lover

"Cat selfie " tote bag with fabulous pictures of laughing cats! With long handles and a choice of different coloured linings, this is a great gift for any cat lover !

Make-up purses in music themed fabric - available in 2 sizes and with a choice of zipper colour and fabric or waterproof lining.

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