Medium sized book themed tote/book bag - fabulous gift for any book lover. Hand made with great attention to detail

Cute animals "selfie" tote/book bag with long handles and green spotty lining

Fabulous "cat" selfie" long handled tote/book bag in blue with cream spotty lining

Adorable cat "selfie" long handled tote In cream with pink lining

Cat fun "selfie" long handled tote/book bag in cream with pink lining

Doggie fun "selfie" long handled, small tote in cream with spotty lining

Doggie fun "selfie" medium sized, long handled tote bag in blue with cream lining

Owl themed medium tote bag with long handles and contrasting pink or blue or purple spot lining.

Jack Russell extra large tote bag - made from organic cotton with contrasting red or green lining

Chocolate Labrador small tote bag with cream lining.

"Best in Show" - medium tote bag in fawn with contrasting purple spot fabric

"Bach" Music themed extra large tote/music bag

Horse themed long handled tote

"Paradise Garden" birds and flowers themed, medium sized , long handled tote

Mozart- "Eine kleine Nachtmusik " small tote bag in blue with contrasting lining, long handles & magnetic metal fastener

Harp themed Apron- high quality pure cotton with cotton ties and featuring delightful artwork by an award winning British artist

"Best in show" dog themed tote bag in duck-egg blue fabric, lined and with long or short handles

"Best in Show" - dog themed fabric large tote bag

"Best in show" dog themed green fabric tote bag with long or short handles

"Bach" large tote/music bag with navy lining, inside pocket and closing strap with magnetic fastener

"Bach" large tote/music bag with lilac lining, inside pocket and fastener

"Bach" large tote/music bag with russet coloured lining, inside pocket and fastener.

"Scotty Dog" lined, long handled tote/book bag

Happy Chickens - large, lined, long handled tote /knitting bag

"Rossini" large tote bag with cats and piano keyboard

Large cat themed tote bag

"I Practise like the devil to play like an angel" - Bone china mug

"Queen of Harps " Bone China Mug

"Lord of the Strings" bone china mug

"Home is where the Harp is" - Bone china mug

"Queen of Harps " - Linen tea towel

"Home is where the Harp is" linen tea towel

"Concerto" small totebag/handbag with inside pocket and matching purse

"Olympia" small handbag/totebag wth inside pocket and magnetic fastene

"Olympia" small handbag/totebag in beige fabric, with inside pocket and magnetic fastener

Cat themed small totebag with inside pocket

Owl themed, lined, small tote bag with strong, magnetic fastener

"Bach" structured, zippered handbag

"Mozart" small tote/music bag with pink spotty lining and matching cosmetics/coin purse

"Mozart" small tote/book bag lined with contrasting music themed fabric

"Mozart" music themed, lined tote bag with purse in music fabric

Sheep themed fabric large tote/project bag

Sheep themed, lined, large tote bag

"Swan Lake " Ballerina themed tote bag

Bellerina small cosmetics purse

"Mozart" music themed, luxury, double sided cushion

"Bach" music themed oblong cushion with duck feather filled pad.

"Mozart" music themed, lined, small tote bag

Music themed, lined, cosmetics purse

"Jazz mouse" lined cosmetics purse in musical mice fabric

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